NNEIDS 10-60SQM Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf Plastic Pegs Plant Lawn Joining Tape

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Want to decorate your environments? Our Artificial Grass would be your prime choice, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environment. It is an attractive and maintenance-free alternative to real grass. Made from a UV stabilised yarn, this turf is anti-colour fading and sun damage, also it is odourless and non-toxic. The polyethylene (PE) material features excellent properties, and the backing of the turf encourages quick drainage and holds fast to the ground, even without any taping. It looks incredibly natural and has the appearance of a perfectly manicured lawn. Let our Artificial Grass brings convenience and ambience to your everyday life. No more weeding, watering, mowing or trimming! 

If you concern it’s not firm enough, you can purchase our Joining Tape. There are 4 size options, made of non-woven fabric is strong enough to keep firmly for years. Exceptional adhesion qualities, bond artificial grasses securely. Simply cut it to your desired size, lay it on the ground and press the turf smoothly and evenly.

Key Features

  • Realistic turf
  • Maintenance free
  • Premium polyethylene
  • Wear and fade resistance
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Pet and kids friendly
  • Genuine and softer touch
  • Easy to cut and install

Artificial grass

40mm Pile height
Material: PP and PE
Tufted density (d/M2): 15700D
Stitch rate (/10cm): 12
Pile height: 40mm
2m x 5m (10SQM)
2m x 10m (20SQM)
1m x 10m (10SQM)
1m x 20m (20SQM)
Colour: 4-Colour

8mm Pile height
Material: PP and PE
Tufted density (d/M2): 2000D
Stitch rate (/10cm): 20
Pile height: 8mm
Dimension: 2m x 5m (10SQM)
Colour: Green

Joining tape
Material: Non-woven fabric
Dimension: 15cm x 5m / 15cm x 10m / 15cmx 15m / 15cm x 20m (W x L)
Colour: Green

  • 1x Artificial Grass / 1x Grass Joining Tape