NNEIDS Ever Cable - World's Strongest Stainless steel Fast Charging & Sync USB Cable

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EVER CABLE - Last cable you will ever need
Worlds first stainless steel Fast Charging & Sync USB cable come with LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Meet EVER Cable - World's strongest cable. By implementing non-standard approach and materials we created a perfect cable the will last a lifetime, as it's shell is made of stainless steel.

Our most affordable flagman product, “Evercable” is a non-magnetic version of the award winning “ANCHOR Cable”. “ANCHOR Cable”. It is beautifully designed and crafted and and is very appealing to touch and by it’s look. It is manufactured with best quality stainless steel shell, making it everlasting.

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1. Can I use this cable for fast charging and data transfer? Yes, this cable equipped with fast charging with 2.4A Fast charging and data transfer capability. However, it all depends on the device security patch and configuration. 
2. What is magnetic connectors for? Magnetic Connectors available for Micro USB, Lightning and USB Type C devices in a pack. 
3. Magnetic Connectors won’t charge after some time? Tip: Remove Magnetic Connector and put back in may solve the charging issues. If you still experience any trouble, please contact us immediately.