NNEIDS Grinder Disc Cutting Discs 5" 125mm Metal Cut Off Wheel Angle Grinder 200PCS

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Perform your job with utmost accuracy with our 5” Cutting Disc. A thinly engineered disc that can get your job done with ultimate precision, can cut through materials like a piece of cake!


Truly a workman’s companion, it can easily be operated with up to 12,200 RPM at 80m/s cycles. Its ultra-fine construction makes the cutting process go easy.


An intelligent design at work! Featuring a unique reinforced mesh that gives it extra sharpness, prevents sudden shock from damaging the disc, and indulges safer performance.


Works unshakable, made of high-quality calcined fused alumina toughened at high temperatures. It comes with a steel-reinforced center ring to improve clamping strength and to maximize user safety.


To ensure longer life performance we have retrofitted our product with fiber mesh. It effectively improves overall reliability and adds in much-needed toughness.


Suitable to be working on steel pipe, square steel, rebar, angle iron, and many more.


Set it up, cut perfect, safely! Hurry up! Order one now.


Key Features:

  • Angle grinding
  • 80m/s Max speed
  • ENCertified quality
  • Stainless steelcentre ring
  • Extremely stable cut
  • Low vibration
  • Ultra-longlifespan
  • High-quality brown fused alumina
  • Suitable for steel, alloy, and iron etc
  • Disc material: Aluminum oxide
  • Centre ring material: Stainless steel
  • Outer diameter: 125 mm?5”?
  • Bore size: 22.23mm (7/8")
  • Thickness: 1 mm ?3/64"?
  • Max speed: 12,200 RPM,80m/s
  • Intended Use: Stainless steel (Inox) & steel
  • 200x 5” Cutting Discs