NNEIDS Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Electric Hose Gun Nozzle Lance Outdoor 4000PSI

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DESCRIPTIONEnsure a spotless clean with our Surface Cleaner. A high-pressure cleaning appliance that will get your job done with precision and ease. Featuring 4000 PSI of jet stream spray for wiping out even the most hardest stains. It is able to achieve this tremendous performance by swiftly rotating the in-built 1.5m nozzle with pre-set calibrated RPM. Once the operation is started the nozzle starts to rotate with a constant stream of water spray for a neat and tidy surface. Built with a user-friendly interface, its circular construction offers easy handling combined with simple usability. Our product effectively broadens your reach with its ergonomic extension thus minimizing the hurdles and enhancing your efficiency. This surface cleaner is truly a professional companion that helps you clean better, wipe better, and more importantly work better.

The entire structure is made of stainless steel and ABS material to withstand rigorous work conditions. Designed for extraordinary performance, built for long-lasting usage. What if it accidentally falls over? Do not worry, engineered to absorb impact to lessen the damage. The inner sprays jet is made of stainless steel to disperse a stream of water accurately combined with active resistance towards rust and corrosion. The corners are equipped with 3mm thick cleaning bristles, easy for you to scrub for pristine conditions. Clean any nozzle blockage with its quick insert design, simply detach it and reattach it. It is suitable for all kinds of surfaces such as walkways, swimming pools, parking lots, terrace, and many more.

Draft your plan, execute your task, make for a cleaner environment. Hurry up! Order your Cleaner now.


Key Features:

  • 4000PSI High pressure wash
  • Stainless steel spray jets
  • 3mm Bristle thickness
  • Durable and strong covered
  • Impact resistance
  • Upgraded extension lance
  • Suitable for all kinds of ground


  • Spray jet material: Stainless steel
  • Frame material: ABS
  • Weight:1.7kg
  • Standard pressure: 4000PSI
  • Max temp:  93℃
  • Max volume: 11.5LPer/minute 
  • Extension lance: 45cm each
  • Cleaner Diameter: 37cm
  • Colour: Black


  • 1 x15" Surface Cleaner
  • 2 x Extension Lance