NNEIDS Sous Vide Precision Cooker Food Immersion Heater Circulator Culinary Timer 1200W

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It is said that cooking is a form of art, a masterpiece of art requires precision, accuracy, and most importantly consistency. Reach your milestone of becoming a master chef with our Sous Vide. Designed for expert cooking. A priceless addition to the kitchen you will appreciate. When cooking dishes like meat and vegetables the true taste depends on the amount of heating pressure applied. You do not need more or less temperature to get the right taste you only need the right amount of temperature to extract that mouth-watering taste. Simply set the temperature according to your preference and watch as it slowly cooks, giving that sweet aroma that will tantalize your taste buds. Roll your fingers over its screen to select your desired temperature. Equipped with a highly responsive touch screen display. A device like this should be as simple and effective, thanks to its minimalistic design we have proudly achieved that milestone. Our product is very simple to use with its unique state-of-the-art technology. Very convenient to fit any container with its adjustable clip.

Made from highly durable plastic and PP material. We understand that cooking is a regular task, so we have strived hard to get you a device that will align with your quality standards and appearance. The outer frame is made of a strong and tough stainless-steel tube. So soft yet ultra-strong. Equipped with a high-strength LCD with touch screen capability. No complexity added simply touch the screen to choose your desired temperature settings. Provided with a status indicator to let you know when it is done cooking. The internal components are precisely calibrated to produce the selected temperature with minimal variation. Highly accurate timer controls. Once turned on it transfers the heat to the container and circular liquids inside the container to get the appropriate heating effect. Experience the mesmerizing phenomenon of your food getting cooked, watch as it slowly turns crispier and juicer with every minute. Simply hard to resist temptations. Built with a classy and stylish design, fits well with your existing kitchen design.

Wake your inner chef, cook the perfect dish. Breathe in the aroma, breathe out the temptation. A perfect addition to your daily cooking needs. Hurry up don’t miss out, grab one now!

Key Features

  • Accurate temperature and timer control
  • User friendly touch screen
  • Intelligent LCD display
  • Precision heat and circulation
  • Premium stainless steel tube
  • Powerful and through cooking
  • Adjustable solid clip
  • Silent operation
  • Status indicator

Material: Food grade PP 

Heating element: Stainless steel

Power: 1200W

Voltage: 220V/5060Hz

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Tank capacity: Up to 20L

Timer: Up to 99 hours

Temperature range setting: 25℃ - 99.5℃

Temperature contrast: ±0.2℃

Dimension: 10cm x 6cm x 38cm

Colour: Black

  • 1x Sous Vide
  • 1x Bonus Cookbook
  • 1x Instruction Manual