NNEIDS 200W Electric Sander Bonus 10 Sandpapers Dust Cartridge Hand Tools

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This Electric Sander Set / Sandpaper is an ideal tool for a wide range of decorating tasks or repairs. Whether it’s sanding furniture, removing rust or polishing metal, this sander will tackle these tasks with ease.  The rocker switch gives you continual operation, you can move your hands freely about the unit while in use. For greater comfort and control, this sander is fitted with rubber grips and the 2m long cable gives you more freedom of use. Features compact design, you are closer to the work surface getting greater control.  Tear drop shaped base allows access to horizontal, vertical and tight corners sanding easily.  Also, changing the sanding paper couldn't be easier with the quick fit ‘hook and loop’ solution. Rotatable base allows you to rotate paper as it wears, extending the life of the sanding paper.


  • Two option: Electric Sander Set (Sander with 10 sandpapers) / 10 Sandpapers only
  • Tear drop shaped base to access tight corners
  • Hook-and-loop attachment sandpapers
  • Effective processwhen sanding intricate areas
  • High performance dust collection
  • Rotatable base allows user to rotate paper as it wears, extending the life of the sanding paper
  • Australia standard plug
  • Great for all types of sanding jobs

Electric Sander

Material: Metal and plastic

Power: 200W

Voltage: 250V

No Load Speed: 18000/min

Cable length: 2m

Dimension: 22cm x 10cm x 14cm

Colour: Red and black



Material: Aluminium Oxide

Dimension: 9.8cm x 14cm

Colour: Red

  • Optional x Electric Sander Set / Sandpaper only