NNEIDS Winch Cradle Mounting Plate Truck Trailer Steel 8000lbs to 12000 lbs

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Set your winch safe and stable with our Winch Mounting Plate. It can be easily installed on the front or at the rear of the car.

No more worry about shock or damage because this mountain plate is specifically designed to protect and expand the life of your expensive winch.

What if the winch is heavy? No problemo! Its 5mm thick base plate can easily withstand 8000 to 12000 LBS of winches.

This plate is very easy for you to install, it comes with pre-drilled universal holes that make it compatible to be mounted on most vehicle types.

Our mounting plate is made entirely of high tensile steel to withstand rough and long-term usage. Also, the steel offers good resistance to rust and corrosion.

Get your job done, hassle-free.   

Key Features:

  • Universal winch mounting plate
  • Withstand 8000 lbs to 12000 lbs winches    
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • 5mm Thickness
  • Ultra-sturdy and long lifespan
  • Weather and rust resistance
  • Erosion resistance
  • Front or rear mounted
  • Easy installation

Material: Steel

Net weight: 10kg

Dimension: 92cm x 19cm x 9.2cm (L X W X H)

Colour: Black


1x Winch Mounting Plate