NNEIDS Wire Fencing Strainer Plain & Barbed Chain Repair Tool Electric Fence Energiser

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DESCRIPTIONForm effective strain, create a seamless connection with our Wire Strainer. Straining is a tough job one that is not easy to pull, it usually takes up a lot of your energy and time. To ease the task and to help you strain wires better we have designed our product to the highest standard.


Repairing fence has never been easier with this wire strainer you will notice the difference. It is equipped with a zinc impregnated steel detachable handle that offers you great grip combined with trouble-free usability. Whether working with plain or barbed wire it is suitable for it all.


Made light in weight and extremely portable that you can easily carry around with less effort. For added convenience, it is compatible with left- and right-handed operation.


Safety First! When pulling heavy tensioned wire any slip of grip may result in damaging injuries which is why we have provided our product with necessary safety features such as a special bolt that prevents the wire from sliding off. When applying high tension, you can also hold the position using the cast claw lock on the chain.


With its dual repair modes, you can use it for pulling wire within the center or while pulling the wire near the end post. It comes with a unique anchor hook with a self-locking mechanism that will be helpful when wire laying or repairing end posts.


This Wire Strainer is made of high tensile steel that can withstand a combined weight of up to 1000kg. The entire structure is powder-coated for active resistance towards rust and corrosion. It comes with a galvanized spring clip that operates flawlessly with its strong alloy action.


Raise the tension, get together the wires. Start fencing! Order you wire strainer now.


Key Features:

  • Simple fence repairing
  • 130cm Chain with anchor hook
  • Cast claw lock on to the chain
  • Labor saving and smooth grip action
  • Compatibleon plain or barbed wire
  • Swivel for left and right handedoperation
  • Spring clip


  • Material: Steel
  • Max load: 1000kg
  • Grip sticklength: 47cm
  • Chain length: 130cm
  • Chain holderlength: 14cm
  • Colour:Orange


  • 1 x Wire Fence Strainer
  • 1 x Instruction Manual