NNEIDS 10 Pcs 30mm Red Diamond Shape Glass Door Knob Drawer Cabinet Handle

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This small crystal knob can have a magical effect in decorating a room.  
Suitable for the door of the drawer, cabinet, cupboard, wardrobe, etc.  

The crystal knobs shine in the light and make splendid visual effects in the room if several of them are used, so as to liven up the room and make it elegant.  

Being beautiful, practical, and economical, the small crystal has recently been popular for decoration.

These diamond crystal cabinet knobs shines in pure brilliance at even the smallest hint of light. Sure to radiate warmth and splendor for any home decor. Comes with solid alloy base and polish chrome finish.

  • Material:Crystal/Alloy
  • Diameter: 30mm / 40mm  
  • Height: 28mm/ 34mm  
  • Overall: 30mm x 30mm x 28mm  
  • Mounting Hardware: 25mm screws included  
  • Hole Spacing: single hole  
  • Color: red, transparent

10 Pack Diamond Crystal Knobs

  • -10x Diamond Shape Crystal Knobs  
  • -10x Screws