NNEIDS 11pcs Resistance Bands Set, Strengthening Your Whole Body

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Stuck at home and can’t get to the gym? These versatile resistance bands set is the ultimate fitness equipment, they give you the ability to do a wide variety of exercises that you could do on weight machines or dumbbells. These bands are suitable for all fitness levels.

[PERFECT WEIGHTS WITHOUT THE BULKY METAL ONES]: Our resistance bands are lightweight and portable, easy to carry. Unlike the heavy dumbbells, you can easily take resistance bands with you everywhere and exercise anytime. Simple tube bands with powerful results, build strength, improve mobility, weight lifting, pull ups and for physical therapy.

 [BURN FAT & BUILD MUSCLES] – Comes as a set of 5 custom pastel colour-coded and weight labelled resistance bands. Metal clip allows you to attach the included soft-grip handles or soft ankle straps for your ultimate workout. Increase the resistance level by adding more tube bands to each handle or ankle straps. Customise your workout to focus on all part of your body. Incorporate our exercise bands with your Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Power Weights or General exercise.  

 [HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL & SAFETY] – Designed with quality and safety in mind, these tube bands made from premium quality natural latex, they are durable and highly elastic. Each tube band is carefully constructed to resist snapping and breaking, they're made to last.

 [GREAT FOR HOME WORKOUT] – During COVID 19, it can be hard to go to the gym due to health concerns. These versatile resistance tube bands are a great addition to your home workout. Use the door anchor with the exercise band to build up upper body strength. Attach the exercise bands to the ankle strap to build lower body muscles.

  [GREAT INVESTMENT FOR YOUR HEALTH] – Start investing in yourself, for your health and fitness. An all in one gym essential for your home workout strengthen and tone your full-body workouts without the paying  the gym membership fee.


Mint: Extra Light 4.6KG
Lemon: Light 6.8KG
Peach: Medium 9.1KG
Coral: Heavy 11.4KG
Flamingo: Extra Heavy 13.6KG


5 x Resistance Bands
2 x Foam-padded Handles
2 x Foot straps
1 x Travel Bag

Q And A

How many tubes should I start with?
For someone new, we recommend start out at the lowest weight and then gradually increase the tubes when you feel comfortable enough.

Does each cord come with the snap ring attachment on both ends or just one end?
Both ends of the tubes comes with the snap ring attachment, can attach two handles or two ankle straps.

How do you use the door attachment?
Put the resistance band through the loop on the door attachment. Put the hard round part of the door attachment over the top of the door, shut the door. Slowly pull the band to bring the door anchor up tight against the door. Ensure to lock the door so someone doesn't open the door while you have the band stretched.

Can you actually see/feel results with this product?
Yes, these bands are great alternative without the heavy dumbbells and machines. If you want to increase your muscle mass we recommend increase the tube bands. Focus on both the concentric and eccentric movements, as well as holding the pull to tighten the muscle. If done right, you will get a good workout with results.

Are the ankle bands large enough to fit around legs above the knee?
No, the ankle bands only fit around the legs.