NNEIDS 2X6M Rapid Corner Strap Clamp Woodworking Adjustable 4 Jaws Vice Picture Framing

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The Clamp strap  is suitable for clamping large or irregular surfaces that can't use the  traditional bar and pipe clamps.Holding it securely in place whilst enabling even pressure on all sides whilst the bonding sets;The plastic frame has two quick-adjust side levers for locking and releasing of belt tension and its 4 plastic corner braces are designed to provide a square and  tight corner ; Removeable plastic corners to clamp other shapes;Fine thread micro-adjustment and spindle for  tuning band tension;

Key Features:

  • Tightening mechanism
  • Four secure jaws
  • Even clamping pressure
  • High strength nylon webbing
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Ideal for corner and irregular pieces projects

Clamp material: Plastic
Webbing material: Nylon
Strap dimension: 6m x 2.5cm (L x W)
Colour: Black

  • 2 x Strap Clamp