Add Cheer with 1 Set of Merry Christmas Decorative Garage Door Magnet Stickers

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Transform your garage door into a festive wonderland with this delightful set of Snowman-themed Magnet Stickers!


  • Item Shape: Oval
  • Material: Polyvinyl chloride (Reflective Film and Magnetic Back)
  • Size and Quantity:
    • 2 Snowman Hats (30 x 20cm/ 12 x 8 inches)
    • 4 Snowman Eyes (5cm/ 2 inches diameter)
    • 2 Snowman Noses (18 x 5.5cm/ 7 x 2 inches)
    • 14 Snowman Mouths (3.25cm/ 1.3 inches diameter)
  • Quantity: 22 pieces in 1 Set

Features: Elevate your holiday decor with this set of 22 Merry Christmas Decorative Garage Door Magnet Stickers. Each set includes components to create charming snowman faces for your garage door or other magnetic surfaces.

These magnetic snowman decorations comprise 2 snowman hats, 2 snowman noses, 4 snowman eyes, and 14 snowman mouths. Simply arrange these pieces to form adorable snowman faces for a festive touch.

Crafted from reflective film and magnetic backing, these stickers are durable, fade-resistant, and suitable for various metal surfaces such as cars, garage doors, fridges, and more. Perfect for Christmas parties, winter gatherings, or family occasions.

Description: Make your holiday season merry and bright with the Merry Christmas Decorative Garage Door Magnet Stickers. This set includes 22 pieces of reflective film magnets featuring snowman elements to decorate your garage door or any magnetic surface.

Comprising snowman hats, noses, eyes, and mouths, these magnets allow you to create delightful snowman faces measuring various sizes. Constructed from durable reflective film with a strong magnetic back, these stickers withstand outdoor conditions and maintain their vibrant appearance.

Ideal for Christmas-themed decor, these magnetic stickers aren't limited to garage doors; they're suitable for cars, fridges, or any metal surface. Add a festive touch to your celebrations with these charming snowman-themed magnets!