NNEIDS Digital Clock LED Display Desk Table Temperature Alarm Time Modern Home Decor

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Experience the flow of time in style, so sleeker! With our exquisitely crafted Digital Clock. Furnished with elegance, textured with quality so fine you can instantly feel the sassy and classy addition to your space. Featuring a mirrored surface, a unique artistic impression to get that perfect glossy finish. To express its modernity, we have designed our product with state-of-the-art LED technology to display time precisely and accurately because every second matters. Need to wake up early to be in time, to exercise, or perhaps an interview you been looking forward? Do not worry! It is equipped with alarm functionality, wakes you with a subtle tone, snooze it down with a simple click.

Our digital clock is made from hardened plastic to stay with you through all your nights, to work for you better, ever! Choose a display format you prefer from selectable 12 or 24 hours. Equipped with a temperature sensor to help you determine the temperature of the day. It is equipped with an intelligent night mode which means it will automatically lower the luminance as night approaches, no more annoyance just sways in the deep sleep. It comes with dual power supply mode, operate it with batteries or plug it up with USB to turn it on. Great for convenience, simple for help.

A royalty it indulges your room in, a soothing tone it wakes you up with. Set your time in! Order one now.

 Key Features

  • LED time display
  • 12/24-hourformat selectable
  • Alarm andsnooze function
  • Temperature display in ? or ?
  • Night mode setting
  • Mirror function
  • Dual power supply

Material: Plastic and mirror 

Temperature range: 0?-50?

Voltage: DC 5V

Battery quantity: 3x AAA (not included)

Dimension: 14cm x 5.5cm x 3.5cm

Colour: Black

  • 1x Digital Clock
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Instruction Manual