NNEOBA Portable Electric Foot Warmer Heater - Adjustable Thermostat, Foldable Design, 165W, Grey

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Stay Cozy Anywhere! This Portable Electric Foot Warmer Heater ensures toasty toes even in the chilliest of spaces.


  1. Winter Leg Comfort: Keep your legs warm during work or study by placing it under your desk.
  2. Space-Saving Warmth: 165W radiant flat-panel heater saves space while providing ample warmth.
  3. Versatile and Portable: Freestanding, fast warm-up, and overheat protection make it usable anywhere.
  4. Enhanced Space Warmth: Ideal for heating spaces where you sit, like under tables.
  5. Safety-Focused Design: No exposed heating coils for increased safety; electric radiant heat panel focuses warmth on legs and feet.
  6. Energy Efficiency: Low energy use without overheating or tipping hazards.
  7. Intelligent Power Off: Automatically powers off when tilted or overturned for enhanced safety.

Description: Experience comfort during chilly days with our Portable Electric Foot Warmer Heater in a stylish Display-Grey color. This heater is designed to keep your legs warm in winter, making it perfect for placing under your desk while working or studying. The 165W radiant flat-panel heater efficiently provides space-saving warmth without compromising on effectiveness.

Its freestanding design ensures quiet, fast warm-up, and overheat protection, allowing you to use it anywhere you need a cozy touch. Additionally, this foot warmer can be positioned under tables to warm the space where you sit. With no exposed heating coils, it operates via an electric radiant heat panel, enhancing safety while saving space.

Not only is it energy-efficient, but it also boasts intelligent power-off features that activate in case of tilting or overturning, ensuring your safety. The package includes the heater cushion and a cable for convenient use. Please note, the KR plug is solely for Korea, and the device comes with an LED display for easy monitoring.

Voltage: AU 220V-240V. Please ensure the heater is standing while in use to prevent any mishaps. For added safety, the product is designed to automatically power off when tilted or overturned. Stay warm and safe with our Portable Electric Foot Warmer Heater.