NNEIDS Magnetic wall mount knife holder Utensil Rack Heavy Duty Kitchen Chef Tool S

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Keep knives and other frequently used tools and utensils conveniently reached with wall-mounted Magnetic Knife Holder.

They can hold sharp knives, tools and utensils securely,also won't dull knives.

Holds knives securely:  super-powerful magnet will hold your kitchen knives securely while ginving you a quick and easy release when you're ready to cook.

Organization: Clear precious counter space all while showing off your knife collection! A more sanitary alternative to store your knives and prevent them from dulling.

Highly magnetic strips to hold all metallic knives and utensils firmly in place without any slippage. Can be used for tools and kitchen products alike, suitable for kitchen, garage and workshops.

Keep sharp knives and utensils out of reach of children, ensuring safety in your home. Long lasting magnet to ensure knives stay in place permanently.

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: S-30cm,5cm,2.5cm

1x Magnetic Tool Holder