NNEIDS Sliding Gate Opener 1500kg 7M Automatic Motor Remote APP Control Key Pad Kit

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Reimagine the way you access your home’s entrance with our Sliding Gate Opener. A smart product that can turn your gate into an accessory that you can control with just simple clicks. Command your gate to open or close using its ergonomic remote controller, with just a touch of a button watch as the magic unfolds. Equipped with a high-powered silent motor to slide the gate softly and smoothly, glides so soothingly gentle to make you feel like it's floating! Featuring a special winding motor that offers unbeatable performance with great energy efficiency. It is reinforced with a metal casing to dissipate heat effectively. Comprises of state-of-the-art intelligent PCB board, designed to offer you great assistance with swift and quicker reaction time – works seamlessly fast.  What’s more, you ask? Our product is ready to resonate with the modern world, you can also use your mobile phone to control the gate – easy-peasy all the way.

Made from high-quality steel to withstand regular and long-term usage. The entire assembly is protected with a sturdy weatherproof steel cover, heavy rains or scorching sun? Not a problem it can operate and function without any interruption. Use its tough nylon tracks to sway your gate, surprisingly light in weight yet so rugged and resilient. The heavy-duty in-built motor can drag a gate with a weight of up to 1500kg, powerful enough to support your domestic gate. The remote control has an operating range of up to 40M, a convenience right at your fingertips. For added safety, it comes with a photocell infrared sensor that pauses the function if someone or something is in the way. If you ever forget your remote or your phone's battery is running low do not worry as we also provide a wireless keypad, just click in the passcode to enter. Very easy to assemble and install.

A complex task overly simplified. Enable automation, order your gate opener now!

Key Features:

  • Powerful motor
  • Smooth and quietoperation
  • 1500kg Max gate weight
  • Emergency manual release key
  • Year-round usenylon-reinforced racks
  • Smart remote control
  • APP control
  • Wireless keypad
  • Weather-proof cover
  • Easy installation

Material: Steel

Supply power: AC220V/50HZ

Motor power:370W/550W/750W/900W(4/5/6/7M)&nbsp

Motor speed: 1400r/min

Running speed: 12m/min

Motor dimension: 33.5 x 27 x 15.5cm

Rail dimension: 100 x 6cm

Weight: 12.7kg/13.6/14.7/15.3kg(4/5/6/7M) 

Suitable door weight: 100kg - 1500kg

Noise: <60db

Environmental temperature: -20 to +55C

Manual key release: Yes

Remote control battery: 27A 12V (not included)

Colour: Gray

  • 7 x 1m Rail  
  • 1x Wireless Keypad
  • 4x Remote Control
  • 1x Infrared Photocell Sensor
  • 1x Operator
  • 1 Set x Standard accessories
  • 1x Instruction Manual