NNEOBA Mini 600W PTC Ceramic Desktop Electric Heater - Efficient, Safe & Portable

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Stay Warm Instantly! Our 600W PTC Ceramic Desktop Heater offers Rapid Heating & Safety Features for a Cozy Space.


  1. Instant Warmth: PTC ceramic heating technology ensures quick heating, providing instant warmth in no time.
  2. Wide-Angle Soft Air Supply: Enjoy a comfortable ambiance with a 45° circulating air supply for gentle warmth.
  3. Compact & Lightweight: Miniature and space-saving design that doesn't compromise on heating capacity.
  4. Tilted Protection: Automatic power-off feature when tilted, enhancing safety.
  5. Double Thermal Protection: Prevents accidents with dual protective measures against overheating.
  6. V-0 Grade Fireproof Material: Ensures safety with a non-flammable, fire-resistant shell for peace of mind.
  7. Directional Airflow: Adjustable head to dry damp items or direct warmth as needed.
  8. Temperature Controller & Fuse: Built-in safeguards against high internal temperature or abnormalities, automatically cutting off power to prevent accidents.

Description: Experience immediate warmth with our 600W PTC Ceramic Desktop Electric Heater in elegant white. Equipped with advanced PTC ceramic heating technology, this heater provides rapid and stable heating while ensuring your safety. The wide-angle soft air supply ensures a comfortable warmth circulation, offering a cozy environment in any space.

Designed to be compact and lightweight, this heater doesn't take up much space and can be easily placed on your desk or any tabletop. Its tilted protection and double thermal safeguarding feature prevent accidents, while the V-0 grade fireproof material ensures additional safety against fire hazards.

Customize the airflow direction with the adjustable head, making it perfect for drying damp clothes or directing warmth precisely where you need it. With a temperature controller and fuse, this heater prioritizes safety by automatically stopping heating when the internal temperature is too high or if any abnormalities occur.

Create a comfortable atmosphere while staying safe with our efficient, portable, and reliable Desktop Electric Heater, perfect for your home or office. Stay warm and cozy, even in the coldest of days, without compromising on safety.